• Ali Astrid Moto

The Learning Brain & the Survival Brain: we are not our experiences

Updated: Nov 28

We are not what we have gone through, we are a human being feeling dysregulated or regulated. Meaning we are going througn the world feeling calm and have access to our prefrontal cortex or we are in a survival part of our brain feeling emotional pain, disconnect and our brain is making up all kinds of context for why. AND, this is our "brody" our bodymind system doing exactly what it's intended to do to keep us alive.

Here is a wonderful Video by: @jacobham about the different.

It's ok, that we have been feeling emotional and physical dysregulation, we have needed to feel we need to survive. The good news is, We Can Change Our Brains!

We know now that we can change the neural pathways that are causing threat responses.

Our resilience is also running in our brain too, we just need to tap into that and you can be free of some of your anxiety and depression and dysregualted behaviors and thinking.

Jacob Ham PHD

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